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A Sculptor's Perspective

Nigel Konstam provides an alternative view of the sculpting techniques of the ancient Greeks, with a focus on the controversial view that they employed plaster and wax to make moulds taken from living people - known as "life casting".

This practice is highly frowned upon in art and art history circles, but Konstam aims to prove that this is a modern taboo, and certainly not above the most legendary of ancient artists.

Elgin Arguements

Nigel Konstam demonstrates that some of the Elgin Marbles are most likely to be Roman replacements (from the time of Hadrian) of the Greek originals. The evidence comprises archaeological and aesthetic factors which Nigel demonstrates in a "Tour of the Elgin Marbles".

BBC interview in 1976

Nigel Konstam in a BBC interview in 1976 shortly after he made his first Rembrandt discoveries.

The Adoration of the Shepherds

Two Rembrandt paintings of the same subject compared. One has been deattributed, but Nigel Konstam demonstrates that they are drawn from the same group of models in the studio.

A fake drawing of Rembrandt's son Titus.

Hagar and the Angel

Beautiful drawing by Rembrandt attributed to Bol

Rembrandt and Bol

Rembrandt's Life Drawings

Nigel demonstrates the beauty and brilliance of these underrated drawings

Esau and Isaac

Deathbed of David

Virgin and Child

Job and His Comforters

The Great Lion Hunt

Mirrors Series - The Pageant Drawings

Part 1 - 4 Musicians

Part 2 - Mummers

The Dismissal of Hagar

Christ Raising a Sick Woman

The Unworthy Wedding Guest

Beheading Scenes by Rembrandt

The School of Andrea Verrocchio

Siena Series

Part I - The "Duccio Window"

Part II - Duccio the Master

Part III - La Cripta

Maitani of Orvieto

Simone Martini's The Annunciation

Vermeer Series

His Methods Part 1

His Methods Part 2 With Anne Shingleton

Velásquez - His Methods

Brunelleschi - Perspective

Over 20 Years of Serota at the Tate - Nigel Protests

Please Note that while Sir Nicholas Serota retired in 2017, the points in this video about the current state of art remain prescient.

Greek and Roman Syntax