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A. Drawings based on Reality and Reflection:

Additional examples found in Benesch's The Drawings of Rembrandt (complete) B75, B88, B1409, B209, B211, B211a B212, B230, B305, B361, B365, B366, B368, B453, A16 vol 2, B522, B527, B543, B550, B554, B557, B564, B567a, B592, B598, B603, B606, B613, B614, B617, B622b, B626, B645, B650a, B654, B665, B665a, B667, B682, B696, B705, B714, B716, B717, B722, B736 A24 vol 4, A45 vol 4, B869, B893, B898, B911, B920, B931, B985, B998, B1006, B1022, B1044, B1057, B1087, B1139, B1148, B1149, C69 vol 6 (all here attributed to Rembrandt)

B. Rembrandt's drawings of the St. John the Baptist Story:

Additional examples found in Benesch's The Drawings of Rembrandt (complete)
B101, C21a vol 2, A14 vol 2, All vol 2, B477, B478, B479, B480, B480a, B482 recto, B482 verso, B485 (All here attributed to Rembrandt)

C. Excerpt from Hilary Richardson's article, Bol's 'David's Dying Charge to Solomon' Studies Autumn 1978, U.C.D. P230 

'In fact, it is quite astonishing how scenes with a totally different emotional content are executed with a minimum of change in the basic material surroundings. These are a selection of the subjects covered: Isaac Blessing Jacob, Isaac Refusing to Bless Esau, Jacob Blessing Joseph's Sons, Sarah presenting Hagar to Abraham, Joseph Accused by Potifar's Wife, David Appoints Solomon his Successor, The Raising of Jairus's Daughter, St. Peter at the deathbed of Tabitha.' The article also contains many relevant illustrations.

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