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The illustrations are all of drawings unless otherwise stated. As I disagree with the present chronology of Rembrandt's drawings I have omitted mentioning dates which I believe are misleading. I have given Benesch numbers to those drawings which he reproduces. Where the drawings are not in Benesch's catalogue I either give the plate numbers in Seymour Slive's two volume Dover publication, Drawings of Rembrandt or, if he does not reproduce them, the place in which the original is to be found.

Benesch reproduces many drawings which he does not accept as from the hand of Rembrandt. These are designated 'A' - sometimes attributed to, and 'C' - copies after Rembrandt. Where, however, he believes a drawing to be a student's work corrected by Rembrandt he gives it a number indistinguishable from those of drawings which he accepts. This is the case in Plate 34a and 36a.

I illustrate only one example of a drawing accepted by Benesch which I would question: Plate 38a, A Boy Drawing at a Desk. I list as 'Rembrandt (?)' all the drawings which I accept but which others have rejected.

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